Revise, Repeat... then Relax

To parents and children, the week of SATs isn't too far away now, if we consider the time taken out for holidays. Plenty of learning is still happening in class and hopefully revision is happening at home too. 

As an additional resource, BBC Bitesze have updated their website to help children revise at this time of the year. On their site they have lots of videos to support with methods, features and key vocabulary in both Maths and English. You can access the website via the link below.

Along with this keep working hard, keep doing what you are doing and keep smiling!

I love rock and roll...

On January 31st, Year 6 went to The Genting Arena, Birmingham to take part in Young Voices. After plenty of rehearsal time, and a well-needed dinner break, at 7pm we sang out hearts out. We performed a range of songs, that we had been practising in our music lessons and showed some great dance moves. We enjoyed watching various performers - the Beatbox Collective were a strong favourite. It was no surprise there were a few sleepy heads on the coach journey home. 

Here is what some of the children have said about their experience at Young Voices:

"The amount of fun, from 1 to 10, was 1 million!" - Declan 

"Young Voices was great and everybody had the best time of our lives and didn't stop to have a break." - Aldo 

"It was a magical night all the lights were bright and it was amazing" - Lourdess

"It was jaw-dropping and amazing there was an unbelieveble amount of people i realy enjoyed the experience" -Jacob

"Young Voices was a magical experience we sang with Natalie Williams and we had David Lawerence as our conductor. Everyone had such a good day"-Niamh

"The people who were there were: David Lawerence, Beatbox Collective, Andy, Tabby O'Callaghan and Tim. I really enjoyed the event" - Kenton

'Young Voices was a night I'd never forget: the atmosphere was brilliant with all the detailed lights.' - Ellie

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