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About our Classes

Our classes are all named after invaders as shown below.

 Class Names Year Group Class Teacher
The Vikings Early Years Mrs Simmonds
The Romans Early Years Mrs Owen/Mrs Morris
The Greeks Year 1 Miss Lambert
The Normans Year 1 Miss Smith
The Celts Year 2 Miss Crawford
The Saxons Year 2 Mrs Waller
The Picts Year 3 Miss Harmes
The Franks Year 3 Miss Hollingworth
The Danes Year 4 Miss Williams
The Huns Year 4 Miss Roberts
The Jutes Year 5 Mrs Monk/Mr Burns
The Gaels Year 5 Mr Bartlett
The Angles Year 6 Miss Benjamin
The Lombards Year 6 Mrs Davis & Miss Ford
    Miss Billie White (Maternity Leave)
    Mrs Danielle Kearney (Maternity Leave)

You can find out more about each class's activities by selecting the page for the appropriate year group.