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Apple Education Expert

This week an Apple Education Expert came into school and showed each year group how to use some fantastic apps in their lessons. We were able to go into each year groups sessions and help to support the children in their learning. We learnt how to use Pages and Keynotes to make books and presentations, and can now insert pictures, videos, audio and text, as well as dragging across information we found on the Internet. We also learnt how to use the Chatterpix app to animate a photograph, use filters, frames and effects, as well as adding our own voices. Year 1 and 2 also had a chance to code their own maze photos and record their directions using the microphones, we enjoyed helping them to debug their programs! 

We got shown how to use Green Sceen and made our own news report, pretending we were in different places around the world by putting different backgrounds behind us when filming!

We had an amazing day and learnt so many new skills that we can use to help in Computing across the school. Thank you Mr Brown, we can't wait for you to come back later in the year and show us more!


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