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Coding with Early Years

Today we went into Early Years and showed the children how to use the Beebots. We had to be very patient and make sure our steps were very simple and clear. If the the Beebot went the wrong way we had to talk to the children about why and how they could change what they had told it to do. They kept forgetting to press the X button to start with, but lots were remembering by the end. It was hard when they didn't understand what we were explaining as we had to think of another way. We all really enjoyed it and can't wait for our next challenge.

We have Qualified!

We are all very proud of our achievements this term.

We have finally completed our training modules and qualified as digital leaders.We are excited to teach other children how to improve their computing skills and how to keep safe online.

Our first task is to go into Early Years and show them how to code the Beebots.

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