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Our travels on The Magic Bed November 2017

We have been reading the story of The Magic Bed, all about Georgie and the adventures his bed takes him on. We travelled across land and sea on the magic bed by chanting- 'In this bed you'll travel far..All you say is "Go bed tzar, tazar!" We saw all sorts of wonderful sights. "There's my house! I can see my sister playing in the garden"- Elise.  'Ooh, the mountains and snow!'- Arabella. "There's London! There is the palace the Queen lives."- Daisie. "A jungle with a lion and a tiger!"- Conner. "The dolphins are splashing in the sea!"- Joshua.

Georgie's magic bed took us to a desert island, and as we got out and explored we discovered a specialbox full of treasure!! How exciting!

Who does it belong to? We came up with some ideas- the Queen, the King, a princess, a dragon, a fairy...but most of us thought it belonged to pirates!

What should we do with it? We talked about the possibilities, and why, with our talk partners- share it with a friend, give it back to the pirates, bury it, keep it, give it to a grown up, leave it where we found it.........What would you do?








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