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A Woolly Mess!

On Thursday morning we came into class to find wool and fluff everywhere!! WE set out to investigate what had happened. 
Amelia - 'It's from Santa's beard.' 
Leo - 'He needs it to know where he is going.' (The string.) 
Lyla - 'The white bits come from the clouds.'
Lexie - 'It's going outside.' 
We followed the wool trail which led us to outside and we were not sure what it was .....
Georgie 'It's from the tree.' 
Zabir 'A boomerang.' 
Albert 'An elephant trunk.' 
We spoke about the elephant trunk and what it looked like. 
Zabir - 'The long pointy things from an elephant.'  
We looked on the internet to find out which animals have tusks. 
We had lots of fun with bubbles, blowing them and making bubble pictures with paint. We loved washing the animals with lots of soapy water and making models to wrap with wool to make our own woolly creature. We also visited the school library to find some non-fiction books about animals to see if we could find any more information about our mysterious visitor!

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