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What a journey that was! Science Week 2019 EYFS


This has been just the best week ever! This was the comment made by many of the children to the adults. We have looked at the journey of the Hungry Caterpillar and how he changed. We then made our own smoothies to help us eat 5 a day!

We have also been talking about the decay of fruit that we have left out. We have decided that when something doesn’t look good that we wouldn’t eat it! “It’s so brown, it’s yuk, I won’t eat that! Naseem

We looked at the journey of kites and paper planes and enjoyed flying them in the strong wind. “The wind is just so strong it’s blowing the planes the wrong way.” Sophia commented.

We finally ended the week making our own boats and then testing them to see how many toys we could add before they sank.

We loved science week!


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