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Firefighter Visit

The Early Years were visited by the fire fighters from Mereway Fire station and they came in their fire engine. 
The children also thought about of some questions to ask the firefighters
- Do you have a boat? Do you have a pole? Do you have an ax? Do you sleep in the fire station? 
Firefighter Andy spoke to the children in the classroom about the job of a firefighter. We found out that he has had to rescue a sheep stuck in a tree before. He also asked us to check that we have working smoke alarms in our house. We the  went out to the fire engine and met the rest of the crew. We all had a turn at sitting in the fire engine and looking at the special heat detecting cameras. We then looked at the different equipment that the fire engine holds - ladders, axes, a first aid kit, cutting equipment, hoses to name but a few. Then we all had a turn at squirting the water using the hose under the watchful eye of firefighter Andy.
Zabir - 'They told us how to keep safe. If our clothes are on fire we have to stop, drop and roll.' 
Georgie - 'They had an ax and a hose.' 
Leo - 'If there is a fire upstairs they can use the ladder to go up to put out the fire.' 
Lexie - 'I like going in the fire engine and looking at the camera.' 
Lyla - 'I liked squirting the water. It was going high. ' 
The children and staff really enjoyed the visit and we learnt a lot about the important work the fire fighters do. Ask your children what other rescues the fire fighters are involved in. A big thank you to Andy and his team. 

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