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EYFS Science Week 20.3 21

What a SUPER Science week we have had in EYFS. 

We all enjoyed our visit from Silly Science.

We carried out lots of experiments to learn about gravity and air resistance.  We looked carefully so that we could talk about what we noticed and we used our communication skills to explain what happened and why.  Kyan noticed and then explained, 'The smaller spinners spin the fastest.'  Isiaiah added, 'They fall to the floor because of gravity.'  Isla added,  There is no gravity in space and we will float up there.'

We made spinners, hoop gliders and made parachutes to slow down our toys - we were trying to defy gravity. 

We looked at how craters are formed by dropping rocks into flour and cocoa powder and we looked at what happens when oil is added to water.

The children all loved being scientists.

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