Silly Science

Today Early Years were visited by Silly Science workshops.

We learnt all about , gravity, acceleration, and how to make fire

The children had to wear their special safety equipment- goggles and gloves.

Some of the things the children helped with were: making fire using rocket fuel,  launching a rocket into the air, and keeping a ball in the air using a hairdryer and a leaf blower! 

It was very exciting!


Tamba Roy

Today Early Years had a visit from Tamba Roy. He talked to us about what we can do if we are feeling worried, angry, nervous or scared. He bought his guitar and sang us some songs about how to calm ourselves down and think about how we can change how we are feeling. We loved joining in with the actions. Tamba taught us how to do 'Brillinat Breathing', breathe in and out slowly to calm down and give us time to think.

Tamba told us a story about Mountain Chicken, the frog, who helped Lion to change how he was feeling so things didn't make him so angry.

We learnt that it is good to be different and to celebrate our own strengths and talents- we are all special for different reasons.

It helps us to think 'I'll try my best' in everything we do.

Tamba also talked to us about how it is ok to get things wrong and not be able to do things the first, second or third time of trying...

'Mistakes are magnificent when they lead to learning!'


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