Fred Fox

Are you being kept awake at night by the sound of Fred Fox chewing and chomping?....

Fred Fox came to Early Years and tried to chase and eat the Gingerbread man. We were detectives and looked at the clues he left behind. We decided we needed a plan to make a trap to catch Fred Fox before he ate any more of our tasty treats!

We wrote instructions for how to catch Fred Fox, using temporal connectives- First, Next, After That and Finally.

We used Talk for Writing to learn the instructions with actions to help with our writing.

Can you learn the instructions? Use the actions to help you.

Silly Science

Today Early Years were visited by Silly Science workshops.

We learnt all about , gravity, acceleration, and how to make fire

The children had to wear their special safety equipment- goggles and gloves.

Some of the things the children helped with were: making fire using rocket fuel,  launching a rocket into the air, and keeping a ball in the air using a hairdryer and a leaf blower! 

It was very exciting!


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