Year 2 Minibeast Hunt

Minibeast Hunt

Another new term means another new topic. This term Year 2 are learning all about what makes us like other animals. We started our topic by going on a minibeast hunt. The children searched beneath the hedges to find worms, spiders, woodlice and ants. As you can see from our photographs they were able to attract a few ladybirds! The children created a tally of the minibeasts that they found and used the data to create a bar graph.

Coming up we will be visited by Dominic the Vet and Karrie from the RSPCA.


  • Ant
  • IMG20190424100039
  • IMG20190424100513
  • IMG20190424100736
  • IMG20190424100815
  • IMG20190424100957
  • Woodlouse
  • IMG20190424101157
  • IMG20190424111958
  • IMG20190424112223
  • IMG20190424112237

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