Dissecting Owl Pellets

Year 2 found out that owls regurgitate bone, fur and feather from the animals they eat. These are the parts of the animal that cannot be digested. 

We used tweezers and lolly sticks to dissect the owl pellets. We then matched the bones we found on a chart which showed the pictures of different bones from different animals. 

We found a skull and a bone from the leg of a rat! 

IMG 20170301 110255

IMG 20170301 110144

IMG 20170301 105855

IMG 20170301 111213

IMG 20170301 111308

IMG 20170301 111429

African Dancing and Mask Painting


IMG 20170227 113001

IMG 20170227 113017

African Dancing and Mask Painting

Year 2 were very lucky on Monday to experience an African Drumming Workshop. Maria visited from ‘The Education Group’ to teach us a traditional African Dance. We also painted masks using different colours and found out what each colour signifies.

Tia: “It was really fun and I liked the part where we had to dance and pretend to play the drums”. 


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