An exciting delivery from Father Christmas

Friday 2nd December 

 Monday 5th December 

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Tuesday 6th December 

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IMG 8033

Wednesday 7th December 

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IMG 8032

Thursday 8th December

IMG 8036

Albie has been playing Hide and Seek this morning! 

 Friday 9th December 


Monday 12th December 

Tuesday 13th December 

Wednesday 14th December


Thursday 15th December 


Monday 19th December 

IMG 8080

Tuesday 20th December 

IMG 8081

Albie will be returning to the North Pole this evening to help Father Christmas with his final preparations for Christmas Day! 

WANTED: The Highway Rat!

"The Highway Rat was a baddie. The Highway Rat was a beast. He took what he wanted and ate what he took. His life was one long feast!"

We have been learning the story of 'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson. We thought about key questions from the story such as: 

'Is duck the hero?'

'Why does The Highway Rat steal and eat food which he describes as tasteless, rotten or bitter?'

We also identified the verbs that are used in the book and thought about adverbs to describe them. 

One day, we arrived in the classroom to find the rat's clothing and sword. We thought about how the rat may have felt and whether he was revengeful or remorseful towards the duck. We played 'Roll on the Object' and wrote emotions and adjectives about how the rat may have felt. We also acted out part of the story in small groups and then watched each part of the story as a whole class. 

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