Colourful Mould

What happens to food when it is left on the window ledge all week?

That is what Year 2 have been finding out this week. Each group prepared a container that included a piece of bread, pear, carrot and grated cheese. We wrote our predicitions then recorded daily observations of what we could see and smell. There was a noticeable odour by the end of the second day and we were beginning to see some interesting colours. When we checked today we had pink bacteria, yellow, green and white mould!



Fireman visits Year 2!

This week, Year 2 were very lucky to have a visit from a local fireman. He told us all about how to be safe around fire and what to do if there is a fire. James and Maisie put on the fireman’s protective uniform although it was a little large for them! Year 2 then had their own reenactment of the Great Fire of London burning down our tudor houses! Thankfully, Fireman Ashley was there to put the fire out. Thomas said “The houses were smouldering!”. Henry said “It was so cool the fire spread really quickly!”




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