Ice-Cream Mania

On Monday we received a very important letter from the Queen. She has asked the children to create a new flavour of ice-cream for her party guests.

We turned to classroom into an ice-cream making laboratory and as soon as the children arrived on Tuesday we shared the letter with them. Straight away the children began exploring different tastes and flavours. They ranked them in order of what they liked the most and the least.


  • Smell
  • Taste-3
  • taste
  • Taste2


Having decided what flavours and smells that they preferred, the children set about making their ice-cream.

On Thursday we are looking forward to inviting our grown-ups into the the classroom to taste our creations!



Melting Madness

More exciting science experiments this week!

Year 2 looked at fair testing this time - does every shape of ice cube take the same amount of time to melt?

The majority of children predicted that the smallest ice cube would melt the fastest. We put the ice in a sunny spot on the playground and the children decided which four ice cubes would melt the fastest. They were almost there, they just got caught out by the long finger of ice that melted quite quickly. 



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