The Highway Rat

Stand and Deliver!

The Highway Rat tells a tale of a ravenous rat who craves buns, biscuits and all things sweet.

The sneaky thief has been in the classroom! The children were outraged when they discovered that The Highway Rat had been into the Year 2 classrooms and had stolen many of our everyday resources. He'd also helped himself to a few biscuits! The children set out to catch the rat. First they tried to trap it and when that didn't wotk they made and displayed Wanted posters after a recommendation from the Police. Finally the rat was caught and order was restored.


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Animals in Need

Animals in Need came to visit us at the beginning of June bringing some not so furry friends with them. We have spent this term looking into how to care for pets but do we know how to look after unusual animals? The ladies brought with them a rather prickly hedgehog, two large African Land snails and Fred the sedate tortoise. The children had the opportunity to touch the animals and discuss their different textures.

The charity are open to visitors and are always on the lookout for forever homes for their rescued animals. Take a look at the website




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