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Year 3 Science Week

What a week it has been! Year 3 have channeled their inner scientist. On Monday, we became innovators of the future and designed our own future proof creations that would make the world a better place.

On Tuesday, We were visited by Professor Nitrate who showed us some exciting experiments. We also sketched our own Robo-Bug. We thought about different features of an insect and how this can help them with their role in the world.

On Wedneday, we investigated different plastics and looked at how we can be more enviromentally responsible. 

At the end of the week we considered how vaccines protect global communities. 

Year 3 Owl Pellet Dissection

Year 3 had a fabulous first day back. We learned why owls produce pellets and then we dissected them! We found plenty of rodent skulls and bones giving us a real insight into what owls eat and how much.

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