Brilliant Bruegel

Today we had a very special visitor from the past.

As we entered the hall we could see a very frustrated man working on a large painting behind his easel. He seemed to be lacking inspiration for his painting. 

We could tell he was from the past as old music was playing and his clothes were old fashioned.

To help give him some inspiration we created freezeframes of us playing a range of old fashioned games. We really considered the emotions that we would feel whilst playing these games to help inspire our facial expressions and body language.

Eventually, we discovered the man was a famous Dutch artist named Pieter Bruegal and that he was working on his latest masterpiece - Children's games.

This is the painting we will be focusing on during our topic sessions.

The children really enjoyed their afternoon.

"It was really exciting and it inspired me to do what I want in the future." - Ruby

""I felt happy because it was exciting to learn about a famous artist." - Kieran

"The man was great and really funny!" - Harry


Thank you to Catalyst Theatre Arts for a great afternoon.

Here are some images of our learning.


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