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Year 4 Blog

It's all about the drama!

Year 4 have found themselves immersed in Saxon life by getting to know a small Saxon village called Stowe. We used our drama skills to find out more about Stowe and the lifestyle of the Saxons living there.

Firstly we went on a guided tour. Through the use of language and imagination we stepped into the shoes of a Saxon villager.

After that we learnt about local industry by using the rolling theatre technique. We discovered various trades and skills that are still in use today by acting out the jobs in small groups to our classmates. Take a look at our video to see the jobs that we carried out.


Just as the children settled into Saxon life, there was a cold stir in the air. A strange man was seen wandering through the village. He soon became known as the traveller. Witnesses gave their verdict.



Who is this mysterious person? Could they have been a Viking spy?

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