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Science Week 2019

What a fun week we have had in Year 4!

Each day we have been participating in exciting science activities!

On Monday we designed and made our own speakers using card, paper cups and tissue.

On Tuesday we created posters based on the journey of sound through the ear. We also had lots of fun with liquids; we made watery bubbles in oil, tried to create a sugary rainbow and discussed the difference in density between oil and water. 

Wednesday started with an exciting music lesson where we explored the science of sound - looking closely at pitch and vibrations. In the afternoon we saw how water could float if we used a cup and cardboard. We also researched a range of famous scientists including Marie Curie and Thomas Edison. 

On Thursday we entered the sneeze zone! We looked at how far a sneeze could travel when unblocked, blocked by a hand and blocked by a tissue. We thought about how quickly germs could travel if we did not wash our hands. 

Finally on Friday we were treated to an exciting science assembly to start the day. We then explored states of matter by conducting a sugar dissolving investigation and a melting test. 

We have had a lot of fun! 

Ask your child what their favourite part was. 

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