Year 5 illustrators!

World Book Day 2019

It is World Book Day today! We had a fantastic time learning how to be an illustrator from writers such as Jeff Kinney of  'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' fame and Rob Biddulph, author of Blown Away. Mrs Monk talked to us about how she learned how to draw using a Disney book. She then showed us her imaginary character she had created when she was 10 years old. She taught us how to draw the character in easy steps. Everyone was successful and had learned something new! The next stage was to use Mrs Monk's character and make it into our own. We created lions and turtles, dogs and rabbits and even some animals that have never been invented!




The class experienced the virtual world of Northampton Castle with the oculus rift. We made the most outstanding castle models for our homework then we made catapults to attack them! Luckily our defences held.



We visited Rockingham Castle and explored the castle and gardens. It was a fantastic end to oiur topic.


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