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All aboard! - 'What is that woolly four-legged creature?'

Suitcases, children, gas masks, mums... what was it like to be an evacuees? How did it feel when they left the city? What did they experience? This week we've walked a mile in their shoes and explored the situation they were in through dramatic conventions.

The children watched videos and listened to some extracts from evacuees on the day they were evacuated. They then created Tableaux's -  still, independent images - of what the stages of that day looked like. 

The children told us that it helped them 'see it through their eyes', 'experience their emotions', 'imagine what it was like'.

With all those feelings and ideas, we created a whole classs evacuee train. Miss Hasker's class even managed to turn it into the mannequin challenge! Although, one mannequin was a mover!


We were able to channel all the emotions: the excitment; the sadness; the worry and curiousity! We created a busy freeze frame and then were able to use this to develop our detailed diary entry of an evacuee. 

Those woolly, four-legged creatures were sheep - apparently!

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