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I love rock and roll...

On January 31st, Year 6 went to The Genting Arena, Birmingham to take part in Young Voices. After plenty of rehearsal time, and a well-needed dinner break, at 7pm we sang out hearts out. We performed a range of songs, that we had been practising in our music lessons and showed some great dance moves. We enjoyed watching various performers - the Beatbox Collective were a strong favourite. It was no surprise there were a few sleepy heads on the coach journey home. 

Here is what some of the children have said about their experience at Young Voices:

"The amount of fun, from 1 to 10, was 1 million!" - Declan 

"Young Voices was great and everybody had the best time of our lives and didn't stop to have a break." - Aldo 

"It was a magical night all the lights were bright and it was amazing" - Lourdess

"It was jaw-dropping and amazing there was an unbelieveble amount of people i realy enjoyed the experience" -Jacob

"Young Voices was a magical experience we sang with Natalie Williams and we had David Lawerence as our conductor. Everyone had such a good day"-Niamh

"The people who were there were: David Lawerence, Beatbox Collective, Andy, Tabby O'Callaghan and Tim. I really enjoyed the event" - Kenton

'Young Voices was a night I'd never forget: the atmosphere was brilliant with all the detailed lights.' - Ellie

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