Be all you can be.

Be yourself, be your best!


Why not come and join us at The Abbey Primary School?

Be all you can be.

Be yourself, be your best!


Why not come and join us at The Abbey Primary School?

Be all you can be.

Be yourself, be your best!


Why not come and join us at The Abbey Primary School?

Newsletter 2nd February 2018


School Newsletter 2nd February 2018


Class Attendance Award This Week

This week’s winners are....

1st The Celts (Mr Scott) 99.33% 
2nd The Gaels (Mrs Ward) 99.31%

The Franks (Miss Roberts) & The Lombards (Mrs Davis/Miss Ford)


Well done! 


Housepoint Awards This Week

1st  Maple  363 
2nd  Lime 242
3rd  Ash 232
4th  Birch 228

Well done!


Maths Trophy

This week's top 3 are...

1st - The Franks (Miss Roberts) 93.3%

2nd - The Jutes (Mrs Monk) 92.6%

3rd - The Huns (Miss Benjamin) 76.7%

Well done!


Times Table Rockstars

Our latest Rock Heroes who earned their badge today is....

Alan (Year 5) - 0.93 seconds per question

Surabi (Year 5) - 0.97 seconds per question

Well done!

Please ensure your child completes 'My Maths' and 'Times Table Rockstars' every week.



We always encourage punctuality at school. Not only is it a good habit to learn from an early age (it will help them when they come to have a job later in life), but being on time is also important for a child because:

  • it helps them settle into the school day well, with everybody else
  • it helps them make and keep friends
  • it improves self-confidence
  • class teachers often include learning sessions during registration

In fact, by regularly arriving late, children can miss a lot of learning time!

  • Arriving 5 minutes late every day adds up to 3 days lost each year
  • Arriving 15 minutes late every day is the same as being absent for nearly 2 weeks a year
  • Arriving 30 minutes late every day is the same as being absent for 18 days a year​

Being on time is important!

Some other reasons being late is a bad thing include:

  • It can be embarrassing
  • It can damage a child’s confidence
  • It may lead to children being confused and missing vital instructions, information and bits of news at the start of the day
  • It disrupts everyone else’s learning
  • Arrange visits to the doctor, dentist, opticians, etc., for outside of school hours
  • Do not allow your child to be absent for birthdays, haircuts or shopping
  • Let your children know you care and that if they are experiencing any difficulties they can talk to you


Cadbury World

On Wednesday the Year 4 children went on their trip to Cadbury World. They explored the Mayan times when chocolate was first discovered and learnt about the history of the Cadbury company. They all got to enjoy a pot of melted chocolate with their own choice of added ingredient. All the children particularly enjoyed the 4D cinema experience. Well done to all the Year 4 children for representing the school with their excellent behaviour.

"I felt really excited when we arrived at Cadbury World because I got to see how chocolate is made" Ella

"I felt amazed at how they made chocolate" Daisey


Library Update

The library is due to have a new scanning system installed on the 19th and 20th February 2018, in order that this can be done successfully could all library books be returned to school by Thursday 8th February.


World Book Day

Thursday 1st March is World Book Day. Children can dress up as a book character on this day if they wish.


Parent/Carer Meeting - Enjoying Success

We have a meeting with Tamba Roy arranged here at The Abbey Primary for parents/carers. Tamba is an education consultant and the author of 'Success in Schools', (for pupils) and 'Success in Focus', (for adults). The meeting will be an enjoyable and informative event to introduce parents/carers to insights and practical strategies that can support the success of children. This meeting will take place on Monday 5th March 2.00 - 3.00pm. A letter will be sent home shortly.


Sports Relief

The School Council have requested that on Friday 23rd March, our school take part in Sports Relief Day. Everyone can come to school in mufti (non-uniform) on that Friday for a £1 donation.


Design & Technology Project

On February 8th 2018, the children will be creating and flying their own kites as part of the DT National Curriculum (subject to weather conditions!) Children across all year groups will be designing, making and evaluating their own kites. The kites will range from a simple diamond shape to more complicated box kites. The school will be providing materials for this project, however if the children wish to use any suitable material from home to inspire them, please feel free to let them do so. Preparations for this will commence Monday 5th February.



There are spaces available in the following Pacesetter Clubs:

Wednesday - Gymnastics (Year 1-6) 3.00 – 4.00pm £4.35 per session

Thursday- Futsal (Year 1-6) 3.00 – 4.00pm £4.35 per session

Holiday Clubs are also available for February half term 12th to 16th February 2018.

To book clubs/holiday clubs please visit -


Musical Concert - Wednesday 28th March 2018

Just to inform you that the music concert is approaching, on Wednesday 28th March, and the following music ensembles will be performing:-

Senior, junior and beginner steel pans;

Choir - Year 4,5,6;

Senior recorders;

Year 5 African drummers;

String ensemble.

Also to be confirmed are Year 4 ukeleles, Year 3 choir, guitars and other soloists and duets.

You will be sent a letter informing you that your child is performing in the concert nearer the time.

The concert takes place as follows:

1.45pm (pre-school children allowed but the performance is 1 hour long)

6.00pm (No babies/pre-school children allowed). There will be a childcare service provided for school age children.


Ukelele Concert - Thursday 29th March 2018 - 10am

Year 3 parents and carers are invited to come and hear what their children have been learning on their ukuleles as part of Northampton Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT) first access project this term. The concert begins at 10.00am in the school hall. The children are progressing well and are getting very excited about being able to share their music making with you.


Online safety

Safer Internet Day is celebrated this year on Tuesday 6th February. Every year this is used to highlight the importance of educating young people and their carers about keeping themselves safe when using technology.

As part of our Computing Curriculum this is taught throughout the year across all year groups, alongside having a week focus on lessons and activities surrounding Safer Internet Day. This will take place in your child’s class the first week back after half term.

If you would like any further information about how you can support your family at home please visit the following website:

There are videos, quizzes and a very informative parents pack full of activities which you can download.

For more information please attend our E-safety session for parents/carers on:

Wednesday 21st February 2018 6.00 - 7.00pm

This is hosted by Mr Simon Aston (Online Safety Officer at Northamptonshire County Council) about the importance of online safety and how to keep your child safe online. Please return your reply slip or pop into the office to book your space.


Walk In Wednesdays

Each Year group (Year 1 to 4) will be hosting 'Walk In Wednesdays' from 2.30-2.50pm in the school hall on the following dates.

EYFS 28th February 2018 (in the classrooms)
Year 2 21st March 2018 (in the hall)

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the Year 1 session this week.


Class Assemblies

Class assemblies for the Spring Term are as follows:

The Celts (Mr Scott)   Thursday 8th February 2018
The Franks (Miss Roberts)   Thursday 8th March 2018
The Huns (Miss Benjamin)   Thursday 22nd March 2018

Assemblies start at 9.05am. All welcome.

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended Mrs Ward's assembly on Thursday.


Sports Days Summer Term 2018

The dates for Sports Days for next year are as follows:

EYFS - Tuesday 26th June 2018 9.15 - 9.45am (Tuesday 3rd July if wet)

KS1 (Year 1 & 2) - Tuesday 26th June 2018 10.00 - 11.00am (Tuesday 3rd July if wet)

Lower KS2 (Year 3 & 4) - Monday 25th June 2018 9.15 - 10.30am (Monday 2nd July if wet)

Upper KS2 (Year 5 & 6) - Monday 25th June 2018 10.30 - 11.45am (Monday 2nd July if wet)

Please make a note of these dates in your diaries.


School Meals

Our meals are provided by Chartwells. If you wish to book school meals, please book with Chartwells using your child's login for ParentPay. Please book your child’s meals a full week in advance, the deadline of which is midnight on Tuesdays for school meals required the following week. If you miss the deadlines, you will need to provide your child with a packed lunch

As of the 9th April 2018 there will be a price increase to £2.30. Please ensure that there is enough money on your accounts to cover this increase.


Inconsiderate Parking

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding parking issues, please report registration numbers/incidents to the school office, Northamptonshire County Council and Northampton South West Police via the following links:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please show consideration to our residents and parents/carers when parking outside school. We also ask that you drive slowly, 5MPH, on the school driveway.

Please do not park on both sides of the road outside of school as this prevents emergency services from accessing this road. Do not park on the zig zag lines or block driveways. Please show consideration for our local residents and think about the safety of ALL OUR CHILDREN!

Thank you to the majority of parents/carers who do park and drive considerately.


Dates for your diary

5th February 2018 EYFS Bingo Night 3.00 - 4.00pm
6th February 2018 Year 1/2 Bingo Night 3.00 - 4.00pm
7th February 2018 Year 3/4 Valentines Disco 5.00 - 6.00pm
7th February 2018 Year 5/6 Valentines Disco 6.15 - 7.30pm
9th February 2018 School closes for half term 3.00pm
19th February 2018 School re-opens 8.40am





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